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“Emily radiates positivity and shares this with us in her yoga sessions in the most wonderfully healing way. She takes time to listen and each session feels tailored to our needs both physically and mentally. Her instruction is gentle yet precise and I always come out of a session feeling uplifted, stronger, relaxed and set for the coming week! Emily’s yoga sessions are an all over body and mind medicine! Thank you Emily!”

Helen W

“I love Emily’s classes. She is always so enthusiastic and brings so much energy to the room. I particularly love the yoga classes, which are suited to all abilities and are tailored to everyone in the room. There is always such a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in every class – Keep up the great work Emily”

Vicky B

“I have attended Emily’s yoga classes regularly for around 3 years – health and wellbeing is important to me, particularly since I retired. Emily is a knowledgeable and inspiring yoga teacher with a calm and relaxing manner. Each class incorporates a good variety of poses to improve both strength and flexibility and I like the way she offers adaptions for different abilities. Her instructions are always clear and easy to follow. The classes are always really enjoyable, which is a huge motivation for me to participate in exercise. I have noticed such an improvement in my own level of flexibility and fitness and would not hesitate to recommend Emily.”
Jane C

“Emily is a true teacher at heart. It is a skill not many possess but she most certainly does and her passion for her subject shines though in everything she does and says! She brings a yoga class to life from the moment she enters the room. She has so much enthusiasm and joy for what she does and passes that on to those she teaches. She is very knowledgeable and so keen to convey what she has learned and continues to learn. It is impossible not to be enthused and excited by her and I look forward to her classes knowing I will work hard but also enjoy every minute. I have no doubt she will continue to excel and pass on her skills to many more and bring yoga to a much wider audience.”
Christine M

“Emily is a wonderful, warm and supportive yoga practitioner. She was my teacher when trying yoga for the first time after my second child, and I was quite nervous in the first class, but she made me feel super comfortable to take my time, not get frustrated, and allow my body to find its own place in each pose. She will always give helpful and practical tips for each pose, and give lots of options depending on what level you are at, or how you are feeling on the day, so that you can make your practice your own and meaningful to how you feel in the moment on your mat. Emily always adds a meditative quality to class – adding intentions, breathing techniques and AMAZING meditation and relaxation elements. I grew stronger and calmer throughout our practice noticing my body change as time went on, and I have never found a better yoga teacher than her – she is the benchmark to which all others are held! As a personal trainer, Emily is kind and thoughtful, able to tailor your session depending on what you would like to get out of it, but always bringing new ideas to enable you to grow your practice and move forwards. I initially asked for a few sessions with her one on one to improve my technique a little as I became a bit more confident with the basic yoga poses. By the end of my sessions, due to her infectious positive attitude and belief, I was doing headstands, handstands, using a yoga wheel – things I never thought my body would be able to do in a million years! I’m really thankful that Emily was the first yoga teacher I had, as without her, I would not have become the yoga convert I am today. If you are lucky enough to get to one of her classes – do it, you will never look back.”
Becky H

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